Dangers Of Mountain Biking Without Proper Lights

Do you love mountain riding? Does your bike have proper lights? Well, if you are a bike lover, it is essential to ensure that your bike has proper lights. Many dangers come in when riding the bikes without proper lights. If you want to learn more about these dangers, continue riding this article.

Riding without proper lights can be very dangerous to the cyclists. He/she will not see where he/she is going plus other mountain users will not see him/her. Visibility here is the key factor. You can see what is going on, or who is following you. Will you see another cyclist is coming from the opposite direction? Of course no. Having the lights ensures that there are no unnecessary accidents. Lights also make you comfortable and courageous.

If we are riding a bike during the night, we need to be extra cautious, because, although they may be able to make a reasonable enough sound to announce that they are around, this does not necessarily say that other road users know exactly where we are.

Therefore, the following tips may be helpful during this time of the day fromĀ www.outboundlighting.com.

Slow Down

Yes, this kind of machine may be able to go fast, and because of this, we may be thinking that we would be able to get to our destinations a lot quicker if we go fast. However, this is not a good thing to do because, when it is dark outdoors, everything does not appear the same way as it does during the daytime.

Additionally, knowing the road that we usually travel will be a plus for us during this time, but this does not guarantee that anything unexpectedly would not happen. Therefore, it is best to play it safe and drive slowly, but of course, within the speed limited and this will give us some time to react to any unexpected situation.

Glance To The Right

Usually, when something is shining in our faces, we are not too happy about it, therefore, to avoid the glare from oncoming lights, we could glance slightly to our right, and this would give us some vision.

Other Vehicles

As was mentioned before, when it is dark outdoors, things do not appear the same way as it usually does during the day and if we are familiar with the roads that we are traveling on, we have that as our advantage.

However, if we are traveling a road that we do not know, we may need the help of the other vehicles because we may not be certain as to where the edge of the roads is located.

Therefore, we could look at the other vehicles and see how they are moving and follow their lead. It is best to keep a safe distance from them though so that we could deal with the road on our grounds as we approach it. Nevertheless, we could use them as a guide.


We also need to make sure that we put on our headlights and that they are working up to power. We could also double-check to make sure that they are not facing in any other direction by straight ahead, before jumping onto our bikes.