Factors to consider when purchasing a used car

Buying a used car can be tricky, unlike a new one which is almost always purchased with a warranty aimed at covering any problem. In this text, I’m going to walk you through what to consider before buying a used car, and how much less you should be paying for a used car.


Usually choosing to purchase a used car is the initial step. The next one is deciding the type of car you want to buy. This is a very important step, and often most purchasers usually hit a road bump here. Having a wide variety of cars to choose from is certainly a plus, but this also makes the process of narrowing the field difficult. The following points below can help you identify the right used the car and even determine its value for used cars Fort Lauderdale.

1. Evaluate the features of the car

First and foremost, it is important for you to narrow down your choices by checking the bells and whistles of the car you intend to buy. Before doing comparisons between different cars, ask yourself what you would most likely prefer to have in your car. This may include a sunroof, heated seats, keyless entry, and power windows, depending on your personal preferences. One characteristic of buying a used car is that you cannot customize it as you would a brand new car from the dealer. Therefore bear in mind the features you most desire and the ones you’d like to sacrifice if necessary. Additionally, the more upgrades and add-ons a used car has the greater the sticker price should be.

2. Put into consideration the long-term repair and maintenance costs

Next, consider how much it would take to maintain the car for the long haul. The general upkeep, simple and difficult repairs differ from one type of used car to another. For instance, BMWs are some of the most expensive cars to sustain with a maintenance budget of nearly $18,000 over a period of 10 years. By comparison, Toyota owners spend $5,500 for the same period of time.

Other considerations include:

· How much you’d spend on gas and insurance

· The history rating and the safety of the car

· The car should fit your lifestyle


Knowing you’re purchasing a used car for the right price is the most important question for any buyer. But the good news is, you can easily determine this. The internet is the best tool to conclude this. From your living room, you can browse the pricing of cars identical to the one you’re purchasing. To start with you can go through the auto trader’s website to see if anyone is selling the same type of car. Once you find all these figures, you can soon determine whether the dealer will offer you a decent price. The figures you obtain from the internet can be the best salvo to start bargaining with. Do not be afraid to play one dealer against another.

With the above tips, you can be able to tell how much less you should be paying for the used car you intend to buy.