Get rid of acne: A new and old treatment you should know about

Let’s see some possibilities on how to get rid of acne. We are going to tell you about an old recipe you can try and a common chemical treatment, but first, we are going to do a little summary about what can be causing your acne problem.

What can cause acne
Acne is different for each person; it can be skin irritation, an allergy, stress, fear, sadness, sun exposure, pollution, some types of food you are eating, a hormonal disbalance, this one between other causes. So the first thing you need to do is to know what is causing it and treat the causes meanwhile you treat the visual acne problems.

An old recipe

Let’s talk about 3 possibilities that you can normally use together, remember each acne case is different so you must understand your problem before treating it. If you’d like a surefire way to treat your acne, we recommend you visit Singapore Dermatologist Experts to get a professional’s opinion.

Lemon, is rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids that removes dead skin and scars blemishes.

Honey (must be organic) stimulates tissue regeneration, and with baking soda it can help remove dead skin (use with care the baking soda since works as an exfoliating and can irritate your skin).
Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties also help with skin regeneration and scars remotion.

Tea-tree oil that has phytochemicals that are essential nutrients that helps to improve blood circulation and protects from infections

Now, wash your face with water, do a mix with honey and baking soda or use just the honey, try it to be a little bit warmer than the ambient, put it on your skin with careful, wait for some 3 minutes, then wash again with water and clean with lemon juice and a cotton ball (just at night), then use the tea-tree oil drops over the scars and finish with aloe vera as a lotion. In the day always use a dermatologic sunscreen.

A new common treatment

Nowadays you’ll find treatments with chemicals that can help you, but they must be given from a dermatologist because you can harm yourself if not used correctly, what you are normally going to receive is, an anti-inflammatory, that counters the inflammation. Vitamin A that uncovers the hair follicles and prevents them from being covered again. Antibiotics stop the bacteria growing. Topical antiseptic prevents and destroys the growth of microorganisms that can cause acne.

In some cases doses are so high that you can’t try to get pregnant since the fetus can be affected too so it is imperative and I can’t stress enough that if you’re going to try a chemical treatment, go to a dermatologist since you can harm yourself if you don’t really understand what your body is asking you as this is most important ever to a number of people.

Final words
If you have an acne problem, you need to understand what’s happening before trying a treatment, and the best way to know it will work is when you ask a professional to help you, don’t play with your health. Natural treatments can help, but if the cause is still there, acne will not go away.