Why the humane society is doing great work

The Humane Society points out that many of the chain pet stores are accepting puppies from puppy mills. This is where thousands of dogs are bred specifically to be sold in the puppies pet store. The dogs are repeatedly bred and live in squalid conditions without proper vet care. The cages are not cleaned, and the dogs are not exercised.

The ASPCA has started a movement called No Pet Store Puppies where they want to raise awareness about puppy mills. They want to encourage pet stores to cease selling pets from puppy mills and encourage people to find their pets at local animal shelters. The society encourages people too to boycott stores that sell puppy mill puppies.

Some of the chain stores no longer buy their young dogs from the breeders. They work together with the local animal providers to find homes for the homeless animals. Depending on the store many are franchises and work independently from headquarters. If the owners choose to buy from puppy mills, they are free to do so.

Puppies born in puppy mills are kept in cramped cages and often kept outdoors in inclement weather. Often the animals are in-bred which is the cause of health and behavioral problems. The animal will look cute in the store window but prove to be problematic when they cannot socialize in their new home.

In certain states, the puppy mills are not regulated. Animals are kept in cages and continuously bred until they become less fertile. They may then be sold to another mill who will try to breed them. The result for them is abandonment and death. More people need to be aware of what these inhumane breeders are doing. The greater the community awareness, the greater the chances that this will be stopped, contribute today at A Humane Nation blog!

Animal shelters take in about eight million pets a year. Many have started programs offline and online to introduce people to the loving animals that have not been euthanized. In the US many shelter pets are euthanized but could have been adopted if there was a better awareness of the availability of these animals. Many people are under the impression that there are no young dogs to adopt from a shelter.

The city of Toronto has established a ban where pet shops are not permitted to sell animals from breeding facilities. Retailers can legally sell animals from rescue and shelter groups or donations. This legal action was prompted after over five hundred dogs were rescued from an animal breeding facility in Quebec. Quebec has the reputation for being the puppy mill capital of North America. Many dogs were suffering from respiratory and skin problems.

Puppies pet store is starting to spread the word to find their puppies at the local humane society. Many good pets are available who have been lovingly cared for at the pet shelters. They have had their shots and are enthusiastic about being adopted into a loving home. Families with children and singles who are looking for companionship have been finding their new friends and family members in pet shelters.