Induction Hot Plates

An induction hot plate is a cooking device that uses electromagnetic induction to heat up the cooking pan instead of the ordinary thermal conduction from an open flame. The electromagnetic induction is very fast as it directly heats the cooking vessel and this feature makes the induction hot plates very efficient for home use. The device works by a coil of copper wire being placed under the cooking pot and when it is switched on an alternating electric current is passed through it. This results in a magnetic field which further magnetizes the cooking pot creating heat, as can be seen at

Back in the day, induction hot plates were mainly used by college students in their dorm rooms whenever they needed to fix a quick meal such as ramen noodles or to boil water for coffee. They were quite small and could easily be stored away even in their lockers. However, they have gained popularity over the years and are now being used by more than just students. Some homes have opted to switch from the gas cooker to the hot plate due to its high level of efficiency. Moreover, they now come in a variety of sizes such as the double and even triple burners as opposed to the initial design of only a single burner. Other people who have made use of this new technology are campers and scientists because the device is easily portable.

Advantages of induction hot plates

1. They are very safe. This is due to the fact that they do not use an open flame and they, therefore, prove to be very safe for homes with children or elder people. The rings also do not heat up, thereby reducing the risk of burns. Induction cooking only works when a cooking pot is placed on it and automatically switches off after some time when the pot is removed. This further proves on its safety as the cooker will not remain on even if you forget to switch it off.

2. They are efficient and economical. The hot plates conserve a lot of energy as you only use the energy you need to heat the cooking vessel. No energy is wasted.

3. Ease of maintenance. It is far much easier to clean an induction hot plate than it is to clean other cookers.The surface is completely smooth, and because it does not get very hot when cooking, any food spills do not stick to the surface. You can, therefore, clean it while you are cooking by just wiping off with a damp cloth. You do not have to use abrasives and chemicals to get rid of stubborn, burnt food particles.

4. No smoke is produced when cooking with an induction plate since the plates do not heat up.

5. The plates come in various sizes, and you can buy one according to your budget.

Disadvantages of induction hot plates

1. You can not use any type of cooking pot on the induction hot plate. Some special types of pots have been designed that should be used. Their bottoms are made of ferromagnetic alloy. The thicker the bottom, the faster the pan heats up. These types of pans are a bit more expensive than the normal pans. However, they can also be used on the gas and electric cookers. If you can not afford new pans, you may buy an induction cooking adapter which is an iron plate that is placed on the hot plate. The adapter first gets heated up then transmits the heat to your pan.

2. Due to their electromagnetic properties, they can not be installed over devices with metal parts such as ovens, refrigerators, and cookers. It is advisable to install them on your counter tops.