Top 5 Tips on lawn care

Everybody desires to have a healthy lawn that looks like a perfect lush green carpet. However, to achieve a great looking lawn like that you need to give it a lot of care and maintenance. You need to give it some extra care and attention regularly to take it to that level and ensure that it remains at its peak condition. The good thing about laws is that they quickly respond to care. But how do you get started now that you have your grass? To help you, here are some top 5 tips on lawn care from a renowned Springboro lawn care provider:

Apply herbicide to stop crabgrass
Crab grasses are those grasses that grow from those seeds that remained scattered during the previous years. The easiest and best way to deal with them is to apply a pre-emergence herbicide just immediately after your second mowing. This way, you will have kept their seeds from germinating. It is advisable to apply the herbicide every spring since the seeds remain viable even after several years.

Add mulch to protect trees
Mulching the younger trees ensures that weeds and lawnmowers don’t get too close to the younger trees. This two are the reason why most newly planted trees die even before reaching their first year. To achieve a much pretty look, you can surround the mulch using a brick, plastic, or metal border.

Mow in Shade
Pruning brings stress to plants and this is also the case with grass. When you mow, you cause a lot of stress on the grass causing them to lose a lot of water. The water loss is even greater when it is done during a hot day. This is why it is advisable to mow during the cooler hours of the day or when the shade falls on the lawn.

Set you mower’s blade an ideal height
If you want to control the growth of weeds on your lawn, you should maintain an idea mowing height. Since each grass has its ideal mowing height, you can take your grass sample to a nursery to know your grass type. When you know your ideal mowing height, you won’t cut your lawn grass too short and cause it to weaken. You should also avoid mowing each and every time in the same pattern to avoid creating ruts and compacting your lawn soil.

Fertilize during the fall
To achieve the best looking lawn, experts advise that you fertilize it a minimum of four times every year. However, you can still have a great looking lawn even if you fertilize it only once during the fall. All you have to do is to choose a fertilizer with a 4-1-2 ratio of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. You should always apply the fertilizer three weeks before your seasons last mowing.

Regular lawn maintenance ensures that your lawn remains rich in nutrients and absorbs moisture to the maximum. It also helps fight against weeds and insects that may damage your lawn. Using these tips, you will be able to protect your lawn and achieve a healthy looking lawn and a safe environment for your family.