What to look out for in a realtor

There exists a saying among realtors. “If you don’t have any friends who are realtors, you probably don’t have any friends at all!” Everyone should know at least several individuals who have real estate property licenses. Because someone is licensed, however, does not mean they know what they’re doing, or that you should be working with him or her. With so many agents these days, how in the world could you make an intelligent decision about what sort to go with? Stick to the advice, below, and you’ll be soon on your way on what to look out for in a realtor.

The vital thing you might want to check out is an experience. Doctor’s don’t get to operate on people until they’ve had many years of on the job training. Why would you trust your biggest asset to someone who’s still wet behind the ears? If it were so simple to sell your house, why not simply do it yourself and move to a new condo like the NorthWave Singapore?

Another thing you wouldn’t like is somebody that does this on the weekends, or after work. You’ll need a professional who does real estate property 24/7! That’s the best way you are going to hire a company whose interests run parallel to your own. If they don’t get to eat unless they sell houses, then you have a real professional. Part-timers just wouldn’t have the dedication to make real estate work. It’s a great business, but an unforgiving one.

Although it only takes one course and a multiple choice test to get a license in most states, there are further designations that it is likely you want to look out for. The first is GRI, or Graduate of the Realtor’s Institute. This is a program administered by the National Association of Realtors. Just about 15% – 20% of agents have this accreditation. That should let you know something, right there. You can ask the agent if they’re GRI, or most of them that are have the designation on their business cards and stationery.

Don’t just go with the very first agent you talk with. You should interview several. If you’re selling your property, then call a few agents whose signs you see in the neighborhood. Ask them probing questions, like how much volume do you do, and how long have you been in the business. If you’re a buyer, then call a few agents from signs you see driving around. Ask to see their houses, not necessarily to see the house, but to get to know the agent.

There are many reasons a home buyer should hire a realtor is that the realtor is the closest thing an individual will come to finding a neighborhood expert. The realtor will have the ability and time to know what the neighborhoods have to offer. The realtor will know what the home prices are and their average range. The realtor will know if the neighborhood trends are good with to respect to increasing prices. They will know if the zoning is poor and a huge loud, busy commercial park is coming in next door. They will know the local entertainment and any other form of the shopping center. A realtor has the answers to the really important questions that take hands on experience.